Wastewater Tanks for Industry

A wastewater system with two Stallkamp stainless steel tanks and a narrow corrugated stainless steel tank were implemented for a company in the paper industry in Bavaria.

Wastewater tanks made of stainless steel

Both wastewater storages have a capacity of each 1.660 m³ and are used as sumps for wastewater. The corrugated stainless steel tank in the design of a tower with a capacity of 52 m³ is installed as a buffer tank. The effluent reservoirs have some wall bushings and flanges with sliders. The company conducts two company-owned wastewater treatment plants and treats the process water to dischargable water. 


Technical Data

Two stainless steel tanks

Diameter: 15,52 m
Hight:  8,78 m
Volume:          1.660 m³


Corrugated stainless steel tank

Diameter: 2,75 m
Hight:  8,78 m
Volume: 52 m³



94447 Plattling, Germany

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