The Right Slurry Mixer: Efficient and Powerful

You are planning a new liquid manure storage or you need to replace your mixer urgently? Decide for Stallkamp mixers and you will have a cost-effective stirring solution. We explain how to identify the right slurry mixer for your application.  

Basic knowledge of liquid manure stirring 

All recommendations are dependent on the texture of the liquid manure meaning the dry matter content (DM-content) and how many fibres or other impurities such as straw there are. Slurry mixers are used to prevent floating layers (collection of specific light parts on surface) and sinking layers (collection of solids on the ground floor). In booth cases a  powerful liquid manure mixer is required in order to distribute the nutrients equally. 

Generate gush or circulate?

Generally, we differentiate between to types of liquid manure stirring:  

  • Generating gush or turbulence to prevent floating layers "mixing" 
  • Circulating or flow acceleration to prevent sinking layers "stirring"

With the right slurry mixer in the right manure, you will be able to prevent floating and sinking layers. We will use two examples to show the application in thin and thick manure. Please note that individual variations are possible. 

  • Example 1: Storage tank with diameter 16m and height 4-6m (volume: 800 - 1.200m³)
  • Example 2: Storage tank with diameter 28m and height 4-6m (volume: 2.500 - 3.600m³)

Slurry mixer for thin manure 

Stallkamp recommends for rather thin manure the submersible motor mixer TMR 3: higher impeller rotational speed and two blades. This is perfect for medium to thin manure. We calculated the example with a DM-content of max. 6%:

  • Example 1: 1x TMR 3 11kW
  • Example 2: 2x TMR 3 11kW

Slurry mixer for thick manure

If you have thick manure it is important to circulate the whole storage tank with huge power. For this we suggest the submersible motor mixer TMR 3D by Stallkamp. It reaches powerful circulation with a lower impeller rotational speed and three blades. The slurry mixer is optimised for medium to thick manure. We calculated the example with a DM-content of max. 10%:

  • Example 1: 1x TMR 3D 11kW
  • Example 2: 2x TMR 3D 17kW

Compare apples and oranges

Both agitators produce approx. the same circulation quantity at the same motor power meaning that they stir the same amount. However, the mixer TMR 3 generates a concentrated gush with high speed which is especially desired for thin manure with sinking layers. On the other side, TMR 3D generates a broad spurt with less speed and less friction loss. Thus, the mixer has a high thrust force which is especially desired for thick manure with floating layers. This means that a lower thrust force value does not indicate a lower performance in general. The agitators are just optimised for different application. The technical performance data should always be related to the contextual situation. The same holds for the motor power. A lower number of the motor power (in kW) does not automatically mean that the mixer saves energy. Because this depends on other factors such as current consumption and the texture of the manure, in wich the mixer operates. In most of the cases, an assessment needs to be very individual. Therefore, contact our specialists! We will find a cost-efficient and energy-saving solution for your farm. 

Mixing slurry beneath the shed 

Our experience shows that liquid manure is stored in separated tanks as well as underneath the shed. The recommendation of our slurry mixers holds for this type of slurry mixing, too. But the system beneath the shed requires a canal system and for slurry canals it is important to have circulation of the manure. A specific circulation frame concentrates the stirring and ensures flow acceleration in the canal. Depending on the canal width, length and volume, we calculate the number and motor power of the mixers. 

Energy-saving stirring

Stallkamp also offers a very energy-saving liquid manure agitator: submersible motor mixer TMR 3M. The impeller has a very low rotational speed and the three blades are relatively large so they can stir a huge mass of manure. Replacing this agitator by an old mixer, the investment often pays off in the next years. The return on invest is a simple calculation in this case. The switch-on time is crucial. If they agitator only operates occasionally e.g. when preparing for spreading, the investment is not worth it. But if the agitator operates daily e.g. in a digester of a biogas plant, the TMR 3M is the right decision. Due to its very efficient construction, it saves energy and money at the same time. 

Speedy - mixing with high speed

Special requirements - special mixing technology. Speedy is the colloquial name of our submersible mixer TMR 3S. It has a very high rotational impeller speed and especially designed for very thin manure. It absolutely generates turbulences in the liquid manure storage. The slurry mixer is usually applied in storages with very thin pig manure. 

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