1973 – Company foundation

Establishment of the mechanical engineering company by Dipl.-Ing. Erich Stallkamp for production of drive systems for feeding-, dunging- and egg collection devices.

Existing administration-, construction, storage and manufacturing area 300 m².


1984 – The first stainless steel tank for agriculture worldwide

The company Stallkamp succeeds in licensing steel tanks out of thin-walled stainless steel metal sheets as liquid manure storage for the agriculture – a world novelty. This was when the today world-wide successful stainless steel – storage tanks were born. This gave rise to Stallkamp’s first production of liquid manure high tank (GHB) out of bolted stainless steel sheets, delivered and installed at the first customer in Vestrup. At that time the stainless steel storage tanks were sold under the label name “Ley”. Even this tank – meanwhile in the second generation – is still beeing used as liquid manure high tank. This proves impressively the longevity and serviceability of the material: A quality product – made by Stallkamp.

1985 – Development and production of submersible rotary pumps

At this time the company Stallkamp had already approx. 50 employees, who take also intensive care of the advancement of the company. The development and production of a submersible centrifugal pump for agricultural use was a key focus.

1989 – Production of pumps and agitators/mixers

Development and production of own submersible motor pumps and submersible motor mixers for use in the agricultural sector.

1993 – Stainless steel tanks for the Industry

The stainless steel tanks which are successful since 10 years that time, are now officially used for the Industry, for storage and treatment of wastewater.

1998 – Expansion of the business activities to Eastern Europe

At the beginning of the year the Erich Stallkamp Polska SP. z.o.o. was founded. For more information: www.stallkamp.pl

1999 – Expanding to China

To keep up with the booming chinise market, Stallkamp founded the ESTA Maschinery Manufacturing Tijanjin Co. Ltd.

1999 – First producer of stainless steel – fermenter for biogas plants worldwide

Another big step forward – After 15 years of experience and further development of stainless steel tanks the first biogas-fermenter worldwidemade out of stainless steel was designed, produced and successfully brouht on the market by Stallkamp.

2001 – Co-founder of a company for the construction of biogas plants

To effectively expand and strengthen the action in the biogas sector, Stallkamp founds in cooperation with a professional partner (WEDA) the company WELtec Bio Power for the construction of complete biogas plans – of course made out of stainless steel!

2003 - Stainless steel tanks made out of corrugated steel

The stainless steel tanks (GHB) were successfull and approved for 20 years when a modified version in the form of a corrugated tank were produced to enlarge the product range.

2008 - Development goes on

About 100 permanent employees and about 30 temporaray workers design and produce for Stallkamp. On a approx. 11.000 m² premises with the latest technical equipment like CAD-system and CNC-manufacturing maschines, the products are manufactured for the worldwide market. The small company founded in 1973 now became a worldwide active business.

2011 – Resolution of ESTA Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Tianjin

Due to the rapidly changing market conditions, the plant was dissolved in China after nearly 12 years. The production of the products is carried out since that back in Dinklage.

2013 – Stallkamp celebrates anniversary / expanded its product range and distribution

Stallkamp is now also manufacturer of high performance slurry separators. The Dinklager company develops its own screw extractor. From the middle of the year, there is a screw separator also as "mobile unit" to buy. This separator is ready for using in just 15 minutes! The distribution of the poultry house technology products continuously evolving. Matured is the distribution of pig feeding pumps, drive of feed screw conveyors and chain feeding systems here. The products of Slurry expand around the submersible pressure pump (TMHP). For more information on the separators and the submersible pressure pump, see: "Products". Moreover Stallkamp builds the distribution of the countries of Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain and India. Stallkamp celebrating the 40th anniversary in December of the year, 2013. Moreover celebrates Erich Stallkamp Polska SP. zoo. 15 year anniversary.

2014 – New construction of corrugated steel tank and Stallkamp increases

Free distribution of biogas digester components and stainless steel. The construction of Stallkamp stainless steel tank has changed and so they gleam in new splendor. The plates will no longer be screwed offset. Moreover Stallkamp could boast some projects where concrete container could be increased. Moreover Stallkamp expanded its production area by almost 5,000m² . This adjustment was not only the expansion of capacity, but above all the optimization and increasing efficiency. There are thus shortening internal paths and cycle times. It is carried out the relocation of entire production departments.

Existing administration-, construction, storage and manufacturing area 46.000 m².

Luftbild Stallkamp

2015 – Separator ComPress

Stallkamp expands the manure separators program for a compact unit. The " small " Separator inferior to its "big brothers" in nothing. It is particularly suitable for smaller separation-quantities. In addition, the Stallkamp separators prove in the separation of different media. See for yourself and click here.

2016 – New agitators

Nowadays, it is a challenge to pursue the management of biogas plants under aggravated conditions. Therefore Stallkamp developed 3 new agitators focusing on energy reduction and durability.

2017 – Acquisition of separation technology from Nock

To expand the development of separation technology, Stallkamp absorbed the separator division from Nock GmbH in the south of Germany. The acquisition enforces the growth and market postion of Stallkamp.

2019 - Cutting System

Since 2019 the cutting system is produced in series and is rewarded with two prizes in the same year. First of all it is awared to the Innovation Of The Year 2019 in the category renewable energies and secondly it is awarded to the Biogas Innovation Prize 2019. The cutting system filters impurities such as stones and wood pieces from the manure and increases the longevity of the following equipment such as pumps or separators. 

2020 - CSTR Digesters

Stallkamp starts to produce continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTR). The tanks are made of stainless steel and characterised by a vertical alignment. Usually, the tank is higher in size than its diameter. It is used on biogas plants and industrial plants e.g. for fermentation processes. The first two tanks are built with a diameter of 15m and a height of 20m. New electical lifting supports were designed to construct this kind of tanks. 

Zentralgerührte Edelstahlfermenter vor Isolierung und Verkleidung


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