Our PSG 4/5.5-600 and 5.5-750 at a glance

The basic machine press screw separator PSG consists of: 

  • Heavy machine housing made from cast iron with inlet chamber and 2 separate cleaning holes 
  • Inlet for the fluid to be separated 
  • Outlet ports with square flange for the filtered fluid 
  • Robust, fine-mesh screen cylinder made from stainless steel 
  • Plated, two-way press screw made from stainless steel with precision fit for the screen 
  • Drive motor 
  • Solids outlet made from stainless steel; flaps steplessly adjustable via counterweight for controlling the residual moisture content 
  • Subframe/fastening frame made from stainless steel


The mobile unit consists of: 

  • Basic machine PSG 5.5-750 (5,5 kW)
  • supply and feeding pump 
  • receiver tank 0,85 m³ with level indicator
  • hopper 0,85 m³ with level indicator
  • control cabinet for the controlling the separator and the both pumps 


  • Food industry and meat packing industry e.g. separation of waste from slaughterhouses, potatoe sludge
  • Distilleries: dehydrating mash and distiller's grains

Biogas plants

  • Separation of fermentation residues / digestate


  • Separation of manure
  • Production of organic bedding material
  • Efficient separation performance with high throughput 
  • Simple separator control 
  • Bilaterally mounted press screw 
  • Continuous process 
  • Excellent price/performance ratio due to cast iron housing 
  • Low energy consumption
  • Drive motor 4 / 5.5 kW
  • Rotational speed 30 rpm.
  • Screen basket Ø 254 mm L = 600 / 750 mm
  • Gap widths:0,35 / 0,50 / 0,75 / 1,00 mm (other widths upon request)
  • Throughput 5-25 m³/h

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