7,5 kW Submersible Motor Pump with System Reception Pit

This is an example of a submersible slurry pump by Stallkamp that pumps the slurry in the reception pit. 

Submersible pump for slurry pit

This reference shows a 7,5 kW submersible motor pump with system reception pit including a pressure sensor control installed in a monolytic concrete pit. Due to the guide rail it is easy to remove the pump. 

Slurry pit for seeped silo water

The pit has a depth of 3.1m. The pit collects slurry as well as surface drainage from a mobile silo. That means that rain water and seeped silo water get into the pit. The additional liquids water down the slurry. Thus it is easier to pump the slurry. 

Our responsible project partner is SRB Innenwirtschaft GmbH.



Brandenburg, Germany

Please contact SRB Innenwirtschaft GmbH for any further information.

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