Stainless Steel Sewage Sludge Reactor for Defecator Wallenborn

This reference shows an extended stainless steel sludge reactor.

Extend sewage sludge reactor

The existing sewage sludge reactor is a made from concrete. Like an attachment the new tank was installed on top of the existing concrete reactor. The waste water treatment plant (WWTP) in Germany was in need of additional 100m³ storage capacity. Stainless steel tanks by Stallkamp offer the oppertunity to extend existing tanks. The statics and the tank wall of the existing tanks must be approved regarding the extension. If both agree, you can easily enlarge the storage capacity with this cost-efficient solution. In this case two stainless steel rings were necessary to achieve the desired volume. 

Sewage sludge reactor with accessory

In the context of extension, the working platform was adjusted for operating the mixer technology and turbidity process. The extension did not require the purchase of new pump and mixers which again reduces the costs to a minimum.  

Technical Data (of Extension)
Diameter: 7,31 m
Hight:  2,53 m
Volume: 106 m³



54570 Wallenborn, Germany

Please contact Gierten GbR Landtechnik u. Stahlbau for any further information. 

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