Stallkamp stainless steel digester

In South American Ecuador, a biogas plant was built to make the heat supply of a large food producer more sustainable and independent. The 500 kW biogas plant is fed with dry chicken manure, cereal waste and water hyacinth. The technology comprises two plug-flow digesters of the type Biogas Tiger with paddle agitator, a technical container with control system, pump and heating distribution and another technical container with gas burner and gas boiler. The secondary digester is the stainless steel fermenter (also stainless steel round container) from Stallkamp.

Stainless steel digester from Stallkamp

The digester made of stainless steel is a reliable alternative to conventional digesters materials in America and especially in South America due to the high-quality material. In this case Stallkamp delivered the stainless steel digester with a diameter of 14m and a height of 6m, so that 1.000m³ can be stored here. The biogas tank has a large gas-tight double membrane roof in which the valuable biogas is stored.

Equipment of the stainless steel digester

All components of the fermenter, from the stainless steel plates to the fermenter heating and the wall bushings, were supplied by Stallkamp. Also the insulation, the double membrane roof and a working platform are made by Stallkamp. A special feature of the tank is the uppermost ring of the stainless steel digester, which was made of high-quality stainless steel (V4A). This considerably reduces the risk of corrosion in the gas-charged area. 

Isidro Ayora, Guayas, Ecuador

Please contact FWE GmbH for any further questions. 

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