Stainless Steel Clarifying Basin for Purification Plant

This purification plant in Germany realised a clarifying tank with various inner tanks with Stallkamp.

Multi-stage clarifying basin made of stainless steel

The tank partitioning that differentiates the single basins are made of screwed stainless steel segments. The basins are connected through a spillover concept and different heights of the tank walls. The process starts with the selector in the center followed by the bio-phosphat basin, the denitrification basin as well as the nitrification basin. The spillover height is 4m. 


Technical Data

Selector Ø 3,88 m
Bio-Phosphat basin Ø 10,86 m
Denitrification basin Ø 20,17 m
Nitrifications-basin Ø 24,00 m
Height of tank 4,18 m


33442 Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany

Please contact us for any further information.

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