Slurry Tank with Slurry Mixers

This slurry tank stayed close by our factory. Only some hundreds meter away from the production line, this slurry tank found its place of destination.  

Slurry tank for bull and pig manure

The farm built a new bull shed in autum / winter 2019. In this regard, they invested in a new slurry and liquid fertilizer tank made of stainless steel. In addition to the bull farming, they are also active in pig farming. With the new slurry tank they hold a storage volume of 3.000m³. 

The slurry tank in detail

The diameter of the tank is 25m at a height of 6m. The tank is made of single corrugated shell plates. The filling and suction port allows the filling of the slurry tanker. The homogenisation in the slurry tank is ensured by two submersible motor mixers. They are attached to a guiding slide which brings them into the right position in the tank. In this tank, the powerful slurry mixers TMR3D with 17kW are used. The slurry mixer is optimised for medium to thick slurry.  

Slurry mixers in the bull shed 

The new light-flooded bull shed has a slurry canal system beneath the shed. The slurry is collected beneath the slatted floor where mixing is necessary. Thus, three submersible motor mixers TMR3D-Z by Stallkamp were used. They have a special circulation frame which ensures an optimal mixing result. 


Technichal Data 

Diameter: 25,624m
Height: 5,918m
Volume: 3.051,818m³


49413 Dinklage, Germany

Please contact us for any futher request. 


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