Slurry Tank with Manure Separator

The slurry tank

This manure tank is built on a German cattle farm. Stallkamp delivered the entire manure technology. Consulting and concept were realised by Kolender Technik. High quality, flexible and longlasting - these are the characteristics of Stallkamp slurry tanks. The shells plates made from stainless steel are corrugated to the right diameter and attached to a concrete base. Thus, the stainless steel tank can be used as a slurry storage for many years. The tank has a filling and suction port for the slurry tanker. Additionally, it is equipped with a working platform in order to operate the submersible slurry mixers

The manure separator

Moreover the separation technology is delivered by Stallkamp. The use of a press screw separator has several advantages for the farmer:

  • effective dung because there are no solids at the plant
  • increased transportability of the solids
  • improved dry matter content if the thin medium flows back into the tank



48249 Dülmen, Germany

Please contact Kolender Technik for any further requests. 

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