Stallkamp Slurry System with Four Liquid Manure Storage Tanks

The agricultural dimensions in parts of the world are gigant. In Vitebsk, Belarus they have gigant dimensions, allowing us to become part of this outstanding slurry management project. The slurry system installed covers a volume of 30,000m³ which is reached by the construction of four identical slurry tanks in 2019 / 2020. 

Poultry manure storage in stainless steel

The reference project belongs to a huge broiler production and offers the storage capacity for the poultry manure and dung. The total storage capacity is reached by four indentical slurry tanks. Each of them has a volume of 7,500m³ and is possibly record-breaking huge. The four tanks measure an enormuous capacity of 30,000m³. The liquid manure storage tanks show a diameter of 40m and a height of almost 6m. The storage tanks are made of stainless steel. Thanks to the simple segment-like design, the assembly is realised in a very short-term period. 

Mixing technology in the huge slurry tank

The mixing and homogenisation of the poulty manure  can be quite challenging because there might occur areas, which are not mixed up. Being aware of this, four powerfull slurry mixers from Stallkamp were implemented: TMR 3D with 22kW. The submersible motor agitator is invented for middle to thick liquids and has a circulation quantity of 7,500m³/h. The max. thrust force is 4,600N. The four mixers are regularly distributed across the tank, so that the mixing and homogenisation is ensured. Every slurry mixer goes with the according equipment, namely a lifting gear and a working platform to adjust the mixer or for maintenance. 

Pumping the manure

The slurry is pumped with a classic slurry pump, the submersible motor pump TMP3 11kW from Stallkamp out of the slurry tanks. The filling system for the slurry tanker is built above the tank wall. The pump support approx. 300m³/h and reaches a max. pressure of 1,5bar. With the equipment the slurry can reliably be pumped for spreading out.  

Technichal Data of the slurry tanks

Diameter: 40,266m
Height: 5,918m
Volume: 7.536m³


Vitebsk, Belarus

Please contact Topix Agro Belarus for any further requests.  


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