Slurry Mixer with Gangway on Slurry Tank

Two slurry mixers for 3.000m³ slurry tank

This slurry tank has a diameter of 25m and a height of 6m leading to a volume of roughly 3.000m³. Inside the tank, two powerful slurry mixers of Stallkamp are installed to stir the manure. The specialty about this tank is the access to the tank including its technology. Due to the differences in height, the farmer decided for a 10m gangway to the slurry tank. The gangway is attached with a three point console. The yellow foil is a wiretarp that protects the concrete tank against corrosion.  

Powerful slurry mixer  

In order to ensure the reliable mixing of the slurry, two slurry mixers (submersible motor mixer TMR3) with 17 kW motor power are used. Each of the mixers reaches a circulation quantity of 6.400m³ per hour and a max. thrust force of 2.700N. The slurry is sucked by a mobile pump. The farmer plans to cover the slurry tank with a membrane emission roof

Technical Data of the slurry tank
Diameter: 25 m
Height: 6 m
Volume:  2.950 m³



Bad Lobenstein, Germany

Project realisation: Andrej Sammer Werksvertretung and  Popp & Sohn GmbH & Co.KG

Please contact Andrej Sammer for any further request.


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