Stallkamp slurry mixer in liquid manure tank

Slurry technology that works! The Thüringer Lehr-, Prüf- und Versuchsgut in Germany relies on this with new slurry technology from Stallkamp. They are storing a mixture made from cow manure and seeped silo water with a dry matter content of approximately 3-4%. The liquid manure tank has a diameter of 32m and a height of 8m which leads to a capacity of almost 6.500m³. 

Slurry mixer in liquid manure tank 

The tank contains of three immersed slurry mixers TMR3 (submersible motor agitator) with 17kW. This mixer is made for middle to thin liquids. As the cow manure is mixed with seeped silo water, the relatively fast rotating slurry mixers suit very well for homogenisation. The three slurry mixers are posed in equal distances around the tank. 

Immersed slurry pump 

Additional to the slurry mixers the tank consists of an immersed slurry pump TMP3 (submersible motor pump) with 22kW to fill the manure tanker. Both the slurry pump and the three slurry mixers are fixed to robust guide rails and can be adjusted in heigt with a lifting gear and gallow.  

Slurry technology in the slurry pit

Before storing the slurry and silo water in the tank, all liquids are collected in the pit. There is a slurry mixer from the same type TMR3 with 7,5kW to prevent from swimming and sinking layers. Now a submersible motor high pressure pump TMHP3 22kW pumps the slurry for 200m and 9m height through a pipe with a diameter of 20cm into the final storage. 


Thüringer Lehr-, Prüf- und Versuchsgut GmbH
Am Feldschlösschen 7
99349 Am Ettersberg

This is a reference from Andrej Sammer Werksvertretung realised by FFI GmbH


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