Separator for Pig Production Farm

A huge pig production farm in Northern Germany installed this separation system.

Separator for pig manure

The pig slurry is pumped with a small submersible motor pump from the collection pit to the separator. The separator is constructed on a heightened working platform. The press screw separator separates the slurry with roughly 5% dry matter content in a solid and a thin phase. The thin pase runs through the pipes backwards to the final slurry storage. The solids fall through a funnel-shaped device downwoards directly into a tipping trailers. The trailer collects the solids and increases the transportability of the solids. This concept shows how the storage capacity and the transportability can be improved with a separator.  

You can separate pig manure!

In practice the separation of pig slurry works out very good. In this case the pigs are feed with corn and grain and the result is satisfying. Having filled the tipping trailer after 1,5 days, the throughput can be considered strong as well. 



Münsterland, Northern Germany

Please contact Kolender Technik for any further requests.

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