Separation System for Cow Manure

This is a modern separation construction for cow manure that operates since September 2018. It is build up from three main components:

How to separate cow manure

An eccentric screw pump sucks the manure directly from the shed and conveys it through the cutting system. Here the media is cleaned from fibrous material, stones, wood pieces etc. Thus the pump is protected and the lifecycle increases. The slurry pump driven by a drive belt supplies the media to the separator. It is built on a concrete wall and has a hopper where the manure is let in. Now the separator presses the solids out of the manure. A hydraulic ball head adjusts the counterpressure and sets up the dry matter content of the solids. The separated solids fall to the ground and can be dispachted.

Separated cow manure as bedding material

Parts of the solids are also used for bedding material which decreases the costs for bedding material. The liquid phase is flows back into the manure storage and improves the dry matter content meaning that energy costs can be cut due to a lower energy consumption for stirring.

The separation construction is istalled on a German cow farm.



Lower Saxony, Germany

Please contact Gerd Evers GmbH for any further request.

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