Self-Supporting Stainless Steel Roof for Whey Tank

The dairy company Mertens in Germany owns two new stainless steel tanks with self-supporting stainless steel roofs. The industrial tank with about 800 m³ capacity is equipped with a wall bushing, 8 inches suction and filling port as well as fixed stairs. The self-supporting stainless steel roof has an incline of 10°. The roof is composed of an inner and outer ring. The outer ring equalises the diameter of the tank (11 m), whereas, the inner ring has a diameter of 1 m. The outer ring is fixed on top of the tank and lies lower than the inner ring. Thus, the roof gets the inclined shape. Between the rings, Z-profiles are the basis for the roof and support the stainless steel shells which are slotted and bolted. The roof has an inspection hole.

The second stainless steel tank with a diameter of 3 m is used as a buffer tank. It is furnished with the same components and the stainless steel roof.


Technical Data

Stainless steel tank

Diameter: 11,516 m
Hight:  7,615 m
Volume: 793,183 m³


Stainless steel tank

Diameter: 3,071 m
Hight:  7,615 m
Volume: 319,877 m³



49586 Neuenkirchen, Germany

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