Rainwater Collecting Tank in Stainless Steel

End of May 2020 we build a storage tank for rainwater in stainless steel in Tenerife, Spain.

Collecting tank for the dry months

Due to missing rain the ground on Tenerife gets drier from time to time. To compensate the missing rain, a private household on the west coast of the island decided to build a corrugated stainless steel tank by Stallkamp. The customer wants to use it as a collecting and storage tank for rainwater. The rain falling down in autumn and winter season is collected and can be used in the drier months to breed the plants and the ground in general. 

Key facts of the collecting tank

The height of the high quality stainless steel collecting tank is 4.5m at a diameter of 8m. This leads to a volume of almost 240m³ that can be used for the storage of rainwater. Rainwater collecting tanks by Stallkamp are longlasting and flexible as they can be extended or relocated. And the value of the stainless steel will always remain. 

Technichal Data
Diameter: 8,27 m
Height:  4,5 m
Volume of tank: 237,926 m³

Tenerife, Spain

Please contact us for any further request. 

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