Powerful Separator for Biogas Plant

Separation technology on biogas plants will pay off, if you use a powerful and low-maintenance separator. The reference biogas plant from Germany shows how you can safe time and money with the Stallkamp press screw separator PSS 5.5-550. The robust machine in stainless steel reaches high content of dry matter (DM content) as well as high throughput rates. You can plug the separator in and start the separation. 

Separate digestate

The PSS 5.5-550 separates the soids from the liquids by help of a press screw that works in a sieve. The further the screw presses the material towards the outlet, the more liquid is pressed out. Therefore you will find dry solids at the outlet.

DM content hydraulically adjustable 

You can individually adapt the level of DM with a hydraulic pump. The hydraulic ball head controls the pressure given on the solids at the outlet. It is even possible to adjust the DM content during operation. The following video will give you an overview of the separation process:

Clever construction

The separator on this biogas plant was built on a concrete wall. So it is easy to collect the solids beneth until there is transportable mass. The lifted construction has another advantage: the liquid manure is flowing back into the slurry tank or digestate storage without any pump. This lowers the DM content in the tank and improves viscosity as well as the stirring times - positive effect on your pocket and the environment! 

Nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer

The remaining liquids after the separation are very nutrient-rich. The plants can perfectly ingest the nutrients of the thin and liquid manure. 

Always ready for use 

If the separator is connected with the slurry pipe, you can start the separator with a single button press and the rotary lobe pump starts conveying. The optional control panel offers a standby mode of the machine. The handling is very simple because the separator starts after starting the pump.

Increase the pump's lifespan

The digestate separator uses a cutting system that increases the lifespan of the pump. It protects the pump and the separator against impurities in the digestate. Fibres are cut and other thin impurities are chopped. Bigger things like stones or sticks are filtered. A box that is very easy to clean collects the impurities.

Easy maintenance

The main wearing parts of the separator are the press screw and the sieve since they work under constant pressure. Even the maintenance is very easy for this machine as the hydraulic ball head is easily accessible. The following video shows the maintenance of the Stallkamp PSS 4-500 after 10,000 working hours:

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Technichal Data

Press Screw Separator PSS 5.5-550
Rotary Lobe Pump D-SW 70
Hopper with swimming switch
Control Panel Mobile Unit



Bavaria, Deutschland

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