Modern Slurry Technology: Slurry Pump and Slurry Mixer

This reference shows reliable and powerful pump and agitator technology in a manure tank.

Powerful slurry pump

The slurry tank contains a submersible motor high-pressure pump TMHP. The high-pressure pump is characterized by its powerful and eco-friendly features. In this case the pump has a 17 kW motor power and 1450 rpm. It can reach a maximum pressure of 3,2 bar and a theoretical flow rate of 300 m³/h.

Energy-efficient slurry mixer

The subersible motor agitator TMR 3M is an eco-friendly intermediate speed motor with 17 kW motor power. It has three relatively big blades with a diameter of 1.2m. With a relatively low power consumption, it reaches a very good circulation quanity up to 15.800 m³/h. So the mixer can stirr a huge mass with a slow rotational speed and save energy costs.

You can find more information about the various performance categories on the product sites:

Stallkamp slurry pumps and Stallkamp slurry mixers.




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