Mega-Project: Slurry Tanks in Bulgaria

February 2018

In Kozloduytsi, northeast of Bulgaria, the investor group AJAX builds a pig finishing house with about 120.000 pigs.

Mega slurry tanks in stainless steel

The manure needs an optimal storage concept to fullfill the regulations of spreading the manure. In total, 17 corrugated stainless steel tanks will be constructed by the company Stallkamp from Dinklage. All slurry tanks are identical in construction with a capacity of 4230 m³. This corresponds to a diameter of 24,7 m and a hight of 8,82 m. Hand in hand with the Bulgarian partner Farm Technologies, the 1.5 million Euro project is realised. 

Slurry is stored temporarily

The manure is firstly stored in a sump tank where the medium is distributed to the stainless steel tanks by help of an eccentric screw pump. Additionally, a separation system will be installed that separates the liquids from the solids. While the solids are collected in a portable container, the liquids run into the other manure tanks. This ensures an optimum content of dry matter. 

Entire slurry technology by Stallkamp

Besides the slurry tanks, two separators and the eccentric screw pump more pump and agitator technology is supplied by Stallkamp. The customers especially apreciate the high quality and longevity of Stallkamp products from Germany. 

Two tanks are already constructed.


Update August 2018

The project is running and the storage capacity is increasing day by day. So far five tanks are already constructed and the sixth is about to be finished. All parties are highly committed to accomplish the project, let's take it to the next step!

Updates and additional photos are following. 



Kozloduytsi, Bulgaria

For any requests, please contact Farm Technologies.

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