Funnel-Shaped Secondary Sedimentation tank

A privat brewery required a funnel-shaped secondary sedimentation tank made from stainless steel.

Stainless steel funnel-shaped tank

The customer from the beverage industy decided for the funnel-shaped tank also called "Dortmund tank" in high quality stainless steel 1.4301. So Stallkamp planned and built this funnel-shaped steel tank in a segment-like design with screwed stainless steel shells. The tank is based on a steel construction.

Funnel-shaped secondary sedimentation tank

The difference between the funnel-shaped tank and common tanks is the perfusion. The sewage water of the industial company is pumped into the company-owned WWTP. In the funnel-shaped tanks, the sewage is vertically perfused (bottom-up principle). The sedimentation takes place on the funnel-shaped walls. Due to its incline the sludge comes down the walls and is collected in the spire of the tank. The suction of the sludge is very easy. 


Technical Data

Diameter top: 7,65 m
Diameter bottom: 1,40 m
Hight: 5,00 m

  • Various wall bushings for inlet, outlet, spillway etc.
  • Geared drain gutter
  • Stairs and platform


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