Final Manure Repository for Cow Farming

This reference shows a stainless steel tank as final manure repository for a cow farming in Luxemburg.

Extended manure repository

Originally, the slurry tank was constructed with three rings in March 2003 (height 3.78m). In April 2011 the manure storage was extended by a fourth ring. Thus, the hight reaches 5m and offers more capacity.

Advantages of a stainless steel manure repository

The extension of the manure repository offers additional storage capacity. It reveals the flexibility of stainless steel tanks. Besides, new slurry technology was not necessary. The existing slurry pump (22kW) and slurry mixer (17kW) are sufficient for operation. The old tank remains the same but can be exploited more efficient. Our responsible project partner is Gierten GbR Landtechnik u. Stahlbau.

Technical Data

Filling of the tank by a submersible motor pump 22 kW 
The final storage is equipped with a submersible motor agitator 11 kW
Accessoires: work platform, wall bushing (6 inches)



Merkholz bei Wiltz, Luxemburg

Please contact Gierten GbR Landtechnik u. Stahlbau for any further information. 


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