Extension of Concrete Slurry Silo

Stallkamp adjusts to given slurry silo!

Expansion on agricultural farms have to be efficient and adjustable. Therefore Stallkamp offers the perfect solution: Adding height to existing tanks. This reference shows a concrete silo which is extended by a corrugated stainless steel tank. The stainless steel ring is prepared in advance and a crane puts it on top of the existing concrete wall. The stainless steel shells are fixed with floor brackets on the concrete wall. This reference has a special diameter. 

Cheap expansion of slurry silo

The pictures show the expansion with a crane. This is generally possible without a costly crane. Then the stainless steel shell plates are attached to the existing slurry tank in a segment-like design. Thus, it is easy to generate new slurry capacity without investing in slurry technlogy. Stallkamp offers the cost-efficient solution!

Requirements for expansion your slurry silo

There are just to requirements that must be met to realise the expansion. Fist of all, the statics of the existing slurry silo must allow the expansion. Secondly, the surface of concrete tank wall has to be even and thick enough to attach the new stainless steel plates. Simple and practical!

Technical Data
Diameter: 13,13 m
Hight: 1,532 m
Volume: 211 m³



6022 Großwangen, Switzerland

Please contact ATG GmbH Agro- und Gülletechnik for further information. 

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