Emissions Roof for Liquid Manure Storage.jpg

Two manure storages in Lithuania are equipped with Stallkamp emission roofs, six slurry mixers and two suction and filling ports. 

Membrane roof against emissions

The membrane roofs are attached to the concrete tanks by the help of adhesive anchors. The diameter of the manure tanks is 32.5 m. Various sizes of the emissions roof are available. The roof reduces emmissions and is made of a UV, weather and manure resistant material. This roof meets the governmental requirements regarding the emissions of liquid manure storages. 

Equipment of the liquid manure storage

The right mixing of manure is ensured by the submersible motor agitators supplied by Stallkamp. The standard mixers with 17 kW motor power have a circulation quantity of more than 6.000 m³/h. The suction and fillings ports have a diameter of 8 inches and facilitate the fast and easy filling of slurry tankers. In this regard, the buffer tank is equipped with a galvanized working platform. Thus, the entire slurry storage disposes of all necessary components of storing organic fertilizer. 




Please contact UAB Kontvainiai for any further requests.

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