stallkamp rotary lobe pump for modern dairy farm

Entire slurry management on a huge dairy farm in Russia 

A huge dairy farm in Russia modernises its slurry management with extensive slurry technology from Stallkamp. Therefore a stainless steel slurry tank with a volume of 8.600m³ has been built. The farm covers 3,300 animals with 2,100 of these being dairy cows. A similar slurry concept has been realised some years ago meaning that there are two of the giant slurry systems in the same region of Kirov from now on. The slurry mixing is ensured by our slurry mixers that are mixing 15 minutes per hour and rest for another 45 minutes. The dry matter content in the slurry tank is about 8%.

Slurry pump feeds tank and flushes slurry canal

The manure tank is filled with the manure from the reception pit of the cowshed. In the reception pit you will find two long shaft high pressure pumps that are pumping the slurry in the tank. As a special they have got a second outlet which allows to switch from the tank pipeline to a flushing pipeline. This flushing pipeline runs along the slurry canal. As the pump works with full engine power the slurry is flushed through the canal and generates a cleaning process. Due to the power of the flush, all of the manure is running down the canal to the reception pit.

Slurry separator is fed by submersible pump

The slurry separator from Stallkamp releases the storage capacity of the slurry tank and at the same time it is easier to get rid of the slurry solids. Therefore two strong separators PSS 5.5-550 with a good throughput have been installed. They separate the manure in solids and liquids which decreases the storage volume. The separator is fed by a classic submersible motor pump which is located in the tank. It supports about 200m³ per day from the tank to the separators. The separated liquids are then pumped by a rotary lobe pump into the final storage where it can be used as very effective fertilizer. 


Technical Data 
Diameter: 43m
Height: 6m
Volume:  8.600m³



Near Kirov, Russland

Project realisation: Biogas St. Petersburg

Please contact Erich Stallkamp ESTA GmbH for any further information. 


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