Biomethane Refinery Könnern

This reference shows one of the biggest biogas plants in the world in Könnern, Germany.

Stainless steel digester by Stallkamp

Stallkamp supplied the stainless steel digesters for this biogas plant that also includes a biomethane processing plant. The plant is devided into for divisions having the same setup. Each of the division has got four stainless steel digesters with each 3,500m³ digester volume. This means that Stallkamp delivered 16 stainless steel digesters for this project. Additionally, every division has a secondary digester with 3,500m³. 

Digestate storage in stainless steel

Moreover, each of the division requires four digestate storages. Stallkamp also supplied the 16 digestate storages with 4,600m³ digestate volume. Another four hopper tanks were required with 500m³ each. In total Stallkamp manufactured 40 stainless steel tanks for Könnern. 

Stirring and homogenise biomass 

The plant has massive storage capacity which is necessary for effective operation. The annual amount of 120,000 tons of fresh material is treated in the anaerobic process. The biomass needs to be optimally mixed up. This is according to the dwell time and requires the huge storage capacities. As described the stirring and homogenisation of the biomass is a crucial factor for the gas yield in a biogas plant. Stallkamp supplies the mixing technology for the whole plant since 2009 with its reliable and powerful biogas mixers

Facts about the plant

The substrate is mainly corn, whole plant silage (GPS) and sugar beets. On a 2.7ha silage the material is stored. At the end of the digestion the digestate is separated. The biogas compressed and treated in a amine process. It results in biomethane. The capacity of the plant is equal to 8MW electrical power. 

Success for the region

The biomethane refinery holds various advantages for the region. Every year about 15Nm³ biomethane are produced. The raw biogas production reaches around 28Nm³ per year. This is enough to provide 10,000 households with heating and electricity. Moreover, 15 employees and 30 farmers benefit from the refinery.

Technichal Data

40 Stainless steel tanks

  • Pre-storage: 4x 500m³
  • Digester: 16x 3,500m³
  • Secondary Digester: 4 x 3,500m³
  • Digestate storage: 16x 4,600m³
  • More than 100 agitators 

06420 Könnern, Germany 

Please contact us for any further request.

Operator: Nordmethan GmbH


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