Biogas Plant with Stallkamp Mixers

This biogas plant with more than 1 mW fully relies on Stallkamp mixing technology. The four digesters use the innovative intermediate speed agitators TMR 3M. They are very efficient in terms of the circulation rate in relation to the energy consumption. The operator confirms:

We can see an improvement of the stirring result of about 50 % and we still have the same energy consumption! We are happy with the efficient agitators of Stallkamp.

 Mixers on biogas plants

The mixing technology plays an important role on biogas plants. To reach the optimum gas yield, it is necessary to have an optimised homogenisation of the biomass. Nevertheless, the mixers can have huge energy consumptions. With the Stallkamp mixer TMR3M, we succeeded to present a mixer with high circulation quantity at a lower energy consumption. Thus, the operator has either the advantage of shortening the stirring duration or replacing the mixer by a new mixer with a lower performance category. In both cases the energy consumption will be reduced. This has positive impacts on the cost balance as well as on the environment. 

The biogas mixer

As described before the TMR 3M is developed to operate on biogas plants. However, it is mainly made for use in digesters as they have steady filling levels.  


Technichal Data

Volume of tank: 5.000 m³

Motor power TMR 3M:  11 kW

Impeller: 1 m diameter made from stainless steel

Rotational speed of impeller: 128 rpm



Esbjerg, Denmark

Please contact Biogas Teknik A/S for any furhter request.

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