Biogas Plant in England (Bedfordia Farms)

This reference shows the biogas plant of the Bedfordia Farms in England.

Digester and digestate storage in stainless steel

The plant was originally built in 2005 with two digesters, one digestate storage and one hopper tank. In May 2010 a renovation took place which concerned both digesters and the digestate storage. In this regard, a new digester and a new digestate storage were constructed. Since the renovation the biogas plant has a power of 536kw + 250kWel.

Digestion of slurry and food leftovers

The biogas plant is part of a great agricultural farm which covers around 2.600 ha. The fermentation processes food residues, expired food, manure from the own pig farming and other material.


Technical Data Final Digester 

Diameter: 30,26 m
Hight: 6,28 m
Volume: 4.516 m³

with membrane roof, working platform and two submersible motor agitators TMR 22 kW



MK44 Milton Ernest, Bedford, England

Please contact Gierten GbR Landtechnik u. Stahlbau for any further information.


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