stallkamp biogas mixer in digester

Biogas mixer for homogenisation 

The homogenisation of the biomass is of great importance to any biogas plant, as the solid inputs such as ensilaged corn must be well mixed with liquids. Only with a well-mixed, homogenous biomass can the gases easily escape from the mixture. For this purpose Stallkamp offers the special biogas mixer TMR3M with constant, relatively slow rotational speed. The mixer has larger agitator blades which can circulate a large biomass. With low power consumption it is the efficient biogas mixer with high circulation quantity. 

Mixer in the biogas digester

This reference biogas plant in Germany uses reliable pumps and biogas mixers from Stallkamp. The agiator is the biogas mixer TMR3M with 17 kW power. It achieves a high circulation quantity, so that a good mixing is guaranteed and the temperature differences are balanced. The condition for the use of this mixer is a constant filling level of the fermentation tank. The substrate runs over a free level overflow into the digestate storage. The submersible motor pump TMP is used to fill the slurry tanker if material is to be spread. 

Mixing in the digestate storage and the pit

In the digestate storage, the primary concern is to avoid floating and sinking layers. For this purpose, two fast rotating TMR 22kW are used at the biogas plant in Germany. In addition, a rotary lobe pump of the type DKP 420 with 30kW is used to suck the fermentation residues out of the storage. In the reception pit the first mixing is ensured by a standard 17kW agitator. 


Technichal Data

Power TMR 3M (biogas mixer): 17 kW
Impeller: 1200 mm diameter made of stainless steel
Impeller rotation: 128 rpm

Power TMR 3 (standard mixer for medium to thick liquids): 22 kW
Impeller: 700 mm diameter made of stainless steell
Impeller rotation: 373 rpm

Power TMP (submersible pump): 22 kW
Max pressure: 2,3 bar 
Flow rate: 410 m³/h

Power DKP (rotary lobe pump): 30 kW
Drive: gear motor
Max. flow rate: 3.064 l/min.



06618 Naumburg

Please contact Andrej Sammer Werksvertretung for any further requests. 

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