Stallkamp biogas components digestate separator

Reliable biogas components by Stallkamp

This project relies on biogas technology from Stallkamp made in Germany. The modern biogas plant is composed of a double membrane roof, two large-blade agitators and a submersible agitator. Moreover, Stallkamp delivered different types of tanks: two hopper with 29m³ and 240m³ and a buffer hopper with 350m³ with the adequate mixing and stirring technology.

Extension of digestate separator

In 2017 the biogas plant was enlarged by a press screw separator for digestate, the PSS 4-550 with hopper. The separator is fed with the digestate of the biogas plant. At the inlet the digestate has a dry matter of 7%. During the separation process the press screw presses the digestate through a sieve. Thus, the solid material is conveyed to the outlet building a plot. It then has a dry matter of 28%. The liquid phase has only 3,5% dry matter and is conveyed to a specific waste water treatment plant. The advantages of separation are obvious, the separation of solid. The advantages of separation are obvious, the separation of solidand liquid is the first step of the waste water treatment plant. Someof the liquid phase can also be used to improve the viscosity in thedigester tank. Moreover the transportability of excessive solids ismore efficient. The biogas plant produces roughly 12,500 tons of digestate per year. 

Biogas in Japan

Since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan focuses on renewable energy. The market potential is still huge. Despite biogas being more expensive than other forms of renewable energy, the farmers choose it because it allows them to dispose of waste while generating power on 24/7 operation. TEWE Elektronic supports the implementation of biogas technology in Japan. This reference plant uses wastes from food factories such as sweets, ice cream, food wastes from restaurants and pig slurry and horse manure. The waste is used to produce an electric capacity of 370 kW.   


Technical Information

Digester stainless steel
Diameter: 23,801 m
Height: 6,302 m
Volume: 2.803 m³ 
1 submersible agitator 17 kW
2 large-blade agitators 7,5 kW


Buffer hopper stainless steel
Diameter: 8,445 m
Height: 6,302 m
Volume: 353 m³ 
1 submersible agitator 11 kW


Hopper stainless steel
Diameter: 6,910 m
Height: 6,302 m
Volume: 236 m³ 
1 submersible agitator 11 kW


Hopper stainless steel V4A incl. stainless steel base plate
Diameter: 3,839 m
Height: 2,546 m
Volume: 29 m³ 
1 submersible agitator 3i 11 kW stainless steel


Separator PSS 4-550
with hopper 0,85 m³



Biogas plant Hashimoto, Saitama-ken 366-0041, Japan

Please contact TEWE Electronic for any further requests.

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