Bentonite Storage Tank

Storage tanks for tunnel construction

This reference shows three identical storage tanks for bentonite. The three tanks are made of stainless steel. The project planning and realisation was accomplished by our partner ATG GmbH from Switzerland. The project is owned by the company wayss & freytag. It was the aim to store bentonite suspension which is used for tunnel constructions.

Storing construction material in stainless steel tanks

Stallkamp stainless steel tanks are very flexible. The assembly is very fast and it is also possible to disasseble them. Afterwards they can be used for another project again. The flexibility was the main reason for this project. For the course of the construction of the tunnel, the storage tanks have been filled with bentonite suspension. After the construction finished the tanks were disassembled. This reference project reveals the sustainability and flexibility of Stallkamp stainless steel tanks. 


Technical Inforamtion

Diameter: 11,897 m

Height: 11,726 m

Capacity: 1.304 m³ per tank




Please contact ATG GmbH for any further information.

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