Agitation in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Submersible mixer in activated sludge tank

Agitation technology by Stallkamp is also suitable for the industry. In a wastewater treatment plant of a meatpacking company, a new submersible motor agitator 3 M is employed. The agitator works with three blades and consumes less energy. It still reaches a high circulation power.

Activated sludge tank is stirred continouosly

Biological processes facilitate the collection of sludge in the tanks. The sludge must activley and continouosly be stirred by subermersible mixers. This prevents from undesired sedimentation and maintains the treatment process. The video on our Youtube Channel shows the steady mixing and stirring of the activated sludge tank. 

Technical Information

Volume of the tank: approx. 5.000 m³

Motor power: 11 kW

Propeller: 1 m diameter made of VA

Propeller speed: 128 rpm



Badbergen, Germany

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