3 Separators for thousands of cows

Separation of cow manure

Three new press screw separators from Stallkamp are now implemented on a big cow house in Krasnodar, Russia. For the farm with tousands of cows, three separators are build in a row to separate the cow manure. The slurry is conveyed to the separation system. Three separators are pressing the liquid out. The liquids are collected in liquid manure storage, whereas, the solid matter is used to produce bedding material for the cows (organic bedding). Another advantage is that the liquid phase consists of the nutrients. The availabilty for the grassland is very effective. Thus, the concept improves the whole slurry process on the farm.

The slurry separator in detail

The supporting pumps have a pressure sensor and start the feeding process automatically. A hopper collects the solid matter. By help of a conveyor belt, the solids are carried out. So they can be used as organic bedding material in the sheds.  


Technical Data
3 press screw separators 4 kW
Hopper with conveyor belt



Krasnodar, Russia

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