Stallkamp Liquid Manure Tanks for Cow Farming

Liquid Manure Tanks for Cow Farming

This reference plant is located in Kaschtanovka near by Kaliningrad. Nine huge tanks made out of high-quality stainless steel were built to store liquid manure. In the beginning of 2019 the tanks were established for a large dairy farm in Russia.

Storage for 45.000m³ liquid manure

Each tank has a diameter of 33 meters and a hight of 6 meters. This results in a storage capacity of 5.000m³ per tank. Due to the construction of the slurry tanks, a storage volume of 45.000m³ is created. The main advantage of our tanks made of stainless steel is the durability. Even after years of usage the are maintenance costs are reduced to a minimun because it is a very corrosion-resistant material.


Technical Details of each tank

Diameterr: 32.945m
Hight: 5.918m
Volume: 5,044.799m³


Kaliningrad, Russia

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