Digested Sludge Tank for Municipality

Stallkamp construced a stainless steel tank for digested sludge in the municipality Oyten-Ottersberg, Germany.

Stainless steel tank for digested sludge

Referring to the tender, the tank is a corrugated stainless steel tank with a diameter of 18m and a height of 6m. The sludge tank is equipped with a working platform and a fixed latter. The municipality received detailed structural engineering calculations and all proofs of safety were covered. The digested sludge tank has a submersible motor agitator TMR 3M by Stallkamp which has a high circulation rate and a low energy consumption. Furthermore, the tank is equipped with wall bushings to connect the feeding and flowing off pipes.


Technichal Data 
Diameter: 18,30 m
Height:  5,91 m
Volume: 1.557 m³



28876 Oyten-Ottersberg

Please contact us for any further request. 

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