stallkamp slurry tank and biogas digester

This corrugated stainless steel tank includeing the tank roof was completely assembled in 6 days. The roof construction is a membrane roof which is made of fibre-reinforced PVC. It is resistant to sun, weather and manure. The assembling starts with setting up and fixing the upper steel ring. Afterwards, the central support is positioned in the middle of the tank. The central support is produced with a resistant special coat. Subsequently, the construction of the roof membrane starts. The roof is fixed with stainless steel brackets at the tank. Then the roof is straightened across the central support and the tension is equally distributed (biaxial). The incline of the roof is around 25° ensuring an optimised flow of rain. The circumferential drip edge prevents condensation water from running off the tank wall. After fixing the roof, the first steel ring is lifted. Thus, the following steel ring is assembled below. Depending on the hight of the tank, the procedure is repeated. In this case the tank is used to store manure.  

The Time Lapse-Video shows the complete assembling of the stainless steel tank.


Technical Data
Diameter: 21,05 m
Hight: 5,92 m
Volume: 2.000 m³



49456 Bakum, Germany

Please contact us for any further information.





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