13.02. 2019 - The new robot "Robi" drives automatisation forward

New year - new robot at Stallkamp, the German manufacturere of biogas, waste water and slurry technologoy. The robot is able to work the machine for rotors automatically.  

Exact 1 minute and 47 seconds are necessary for one operation if "Robi" operates. He gently grasps the engine shaft with rotor, opens the lathe and chucks the blank. Afterwards he closes the machine and the operation of the lathe starts. It feels as if "Robi" waits impatiently until he can open the lathe again in order to grasp the finished component. While stamping it against a little buzzer, the component gets important information for the quality process. "Robi" places the finished component in the next spot and the process starts again. 

Alexander, the resposible machine operator checks the bearing seat of the rotor with regard to its diameter and approves that the combination of robot and lathe leads to the desired quality. The component goes along the production process where it is assembled in a slurry mixer. Based on a high degree of inhouse production, we can ensure the highest degree of quality and reliability of our products for the biogas, waste water and agriculture market.

"The next step will be to prepare the roboter for operations in combination with other machines in the production process", explains Stefan, development engineer. Robots allow us to enlarge the production capacity such as an ongoing production during the night. 



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