Within the framework of a jubilee dinner, the management and works council of Erich Stallkamp ESTA GmbH spoke of the anniversary of


Heinrich Bat (15 years), Andre Freese (15 yrs), Reinhard Lange (15 yrs), Ludger Ruholl (15 yrs), Dietmar Seep (15 yrs), Eduard Zwetzich (15 yrs), Gustav Henschel (20 yrs), Sven Küthe (20 yrs), David Maier (20 yrs), Dirk Bocklage (25 yrs), Ulrike Lamping-Seeger (25 yrs), Renate Schwarz (25 yrs), Hubert Stephan (25 yrs) And Ludger Witte (30 yrs) Were grateful for the work they had done and the company 's success.

Especially in today's time this loyalty earned a special recognition. The company management expressed their gratitude to the jubilees with a festive meal in the presence of the life partners as well as the presentation of presents, expressed. Managing Director Thomas Pohler congratulated every jubilee with personal words and handed over the documents. He expressed his gratitude for the trust of the honored in the company and for their commitment in the past years. He also appreciated the support of the life partners. Erich Stallkamp ESTA GmbH is looking forward to the following years and the joint success! In a comfortable round, everyone involved could spend a cheerful evening.