Separation and manure storage have been central topics at Agritechnica for Stallkamp. Many visitors got involved with organic fertilisation and received information about the principle of separation.

The separator ComPress was presented as an entry-level machine with chassis and plug and play principle. As soon as power supply is ensured, the rotary lobe pump starts to suck the media and leads it into the press screw separator with 2,2 kW and a sieve length of 400 mm. The mobile unit can be deployed for farmings with up to 120 cows in order to produce bedding.

Besides, the mobile unit large was presented at the Stallkamp booth as a more powerful press screw separator with 5,5 kW and a sieve length of 550 mm. The mobile unit large is equipped with a hopper and a second rotary lobe pump to support the media. Especially the mobile units that can easily put into operation received positive feedback in the farming sector. 

With the new press screw separator PSG with a massive cast iron housing the Stallkamp portfolio is reasonably extended with a powerful machine for high dry matter content. The new separator operates with a 5,5 kw gear and has a sieve length up to 750 mm. In tests, the powerful machine has shown strong flow rates and is useful in farming for separating manure or for preparing green bedding. Moreover, it is exploited for fermentation, waste in the food industry, breweries and slaughterhouses. 

Stallkamp offers separation technology as well as stainless steel storage tanks with pump and agitator technology for manure. In connection with stronger governmental regulations regarding emissions, Stallkamp provides long-term solutions with the longlasting stainless stell tanks. This was recognized by many visitors at Agritechnica

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