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17.12.2020 - Major order shipped to China

This week, two containers with 23 submersible motor pumps, 9 long-shaft centrifugal pumps, 16 chassis Duoport including submersible motor agitator TMR3 and 4 additional submersible motor agitators were sent on a long journey. The destination of this cargo is in Jiangsu near Shanghai, China.

18.12.2020 - Gas-tight service opening receives the Innovation Award of EnergyDecentral in Silver

This year's silver medal was awarded by the DLG Innovation Commission to our service opening for digesters.

18.11.2020 - Meaningful presents for the needy in Mozambique

30.10.2020 - Please note: We close our factory from 18th December 2020 until 1st January 2020.

23.09.2020 - Stallkamp Expands To India

With 10,000 MW by 2022 made from biopower, India has strong targets for renewable power sources. The state-specific targets show that Uttar Pradesh (North India) and Maharashtra (West India) will take over a leading role in biopower. They want to generate 3,499 MW (Uttar Pradesh) and 2,469 MW (Maharashtra) from biogas and gasification in their states.[1]

16.09.2020 - Stallkamp enlarges its separation portfolio by a new fully-equipped mobile unit. 

The investment even pays off for small separation amounts.

20.07.2020 - Biogas plant exploits manure and other waste to produce biomethane

The Danish company Naturbiogas Sode builds a biogas plant in order to annually digest 264.000 tons of biomass. Stallkamp delivers three continuous stirred tank reactors and an additional storage tank made of stainless steel for this plant.  

15.05.2020 - CSTR Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

Continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTRs) are of high interest for industrial biogas plants e.g. being part of a waste water treatment plant (WWTP). 

18.03.2020 - Note on current development

20.01.2020 - Construction of mega biogas plant in Denmark starts

In Hojslev near Viborg (Middle of Jutland) the construction of a mega biogas plant has started. Stallkamp produces all digesters with according pump and mixing technology. 

09.12.2019 - Please note that we are closed from 18th December 2019 until 5th January 2020.

01.12.2019 - Meaningful presents for the needy in Mozambique

04.11.2019 - Exploitation of nutrients

Please pay attention to our general holidays. We will not be available at the following dates.

15.02. 2019 - Our Chinese Partners from Stallkamp Beijing and other Chinese distributors visited Stallkamp in Germany. The cooperation got a lift-up with site visits and deep insights of the products.

13.02. 2019 - The new robot "Robi" drives automatisation forward

New year - new robot at Stallkamp, the German manufacturere of biogas, waste water and slurry technologoy. The robot is able to work the machine for rotors automatically.  

The President of World Biogas Association, David Newman and Benjamin Budde, Head of Sales Department at Stallkamp, have written a joint editorial setting out the current state of the German biogas market and its potential for growth.

In August of this year, an audit for the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 was held in our company. Having passed the examination, we can proudly announce that we received the certificate due to our high quality standards. 

With a visit at IFAT and a company tour the cooperation is sealed! Stallkamp has a new cooperation partner in China.

From 14-18 May 2018, the wastewater industry will meet at the internationally important IFAT trade fair in Munich. New products in the fields of waste management, water treatment and biogas will be presented. Stallkamp shows its portfolio of reliable stainless steel tanks, separation technology and the pump-protecting cutting system. 

In the past, Stallkamp has repeatedly implemented projects for sewage treatment plants and the wastewater industry.

Stallkamp widens its horizon by travelling with DLG to Saudi Arabia. The world biggest dairy farm was one of the highlights of the tour in October 2017.

Within the framework of a jubilee dinner, the management and works council of Erich Stallkamp ESTA GmbH spoke of the anniversary of

Our Stallkamp separator was during the AGRA (Slovenia awarded as innovation with a gold medal. This good news, including photos of this event we got from our Slovenian partner KANCLER SISTEM d.o.o.

You want to learn more about our products? Normally you can meet our specialists at one of the exhibitions listed here. However, due to the current Corona situation, many exhibitions are postponed or even canceled. But feel free to have a look at our homepage instead, here we have collected exciting references for you. You can also reach us via the contact form or contact one of our sales partners directly.





We invite you! Visit the EuroTier digital 2021 and the Stallkamp booth for free! Just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your number of tickets and we will send you access codes and links.

As part of an anniversary dinner, the management and the works council of Erich Stallkamp ESTA GmbH thanks the jubilees for their hard work and many years of loyalty to the company. Especially in today's time this loyalty earned a special recognition.

To ensure the durability of our products, we use stainless steel. This manifests itself not only for the quality of our products paid, but is impressive visually. Thus, it has now managed on a title page of one of our stainless steel tanks.

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